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Our Chicos class is designed for children in grades K-4th. Caregiver must remain in building during session and there is a waiting area. Class is held for 45 minutes once a week for a 6 week sessions. Each session will cover a different theme, but we build on previous knowledge that will be reinforcing for those continuing and not confusing for those new to the class. We strive to connect children to the Spanish language along with the culture  through stories/skits (TPRS), songs, activities, games, group conversations, book making, and more! We cover other subjects such as math, reading, oral dialog and more primarily in Spanish but they will learn in both English and Spanish which will help reinforce the concept even more!


Locations and fees











Class size

 Chicos class meets once a week for 6 weeks. The fee for a 45 minutes per week 6 week session is $85

We are in our Fall 1 session please email for information!

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Small class sizes, minumum of 4 kids.


If interested in a class but the times above do not work with your schedule please inquire below and let us see if we can create another class!                

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