We absolutely love this class with Kristie! My 7 year old is always singing the songs from class and making people listen to how high she can count on Spanish. Kristie is very fun, animated, and engaging with the kids.


My daughter and I had a wonderful experience in the Bebés Spanish class. Kristie did so much to make class engaging and interactive. I loved watching my daughter learn and grow throughout the sessions!


My 5 year-old loves Teaching Ninos, and is always asking when the next class is. I am amazed at how much Spanish he is learning. Kristie does a great job keeping the kids engaged with age-appropriate hands-on activities and music.


My 3 year old loves Kristie's Teaching Ninos classes. My daughter enjoys the creative activities and fast-pace. As her mom, I enjoy refreshing my spanish skills in the class as well. Teaching your child to be multi-lingual is crucial in this day and age. I am grateful for the services she provides to our community." -Anisa Diab

Our children love Kristie's class. She has unique and interesting activities and crafts that reinforce the Spanish vocabulary, but are also great for other aspects of the children's development. The structure of the classes are great too because she does enough repetition to help the children learn without being tedious or boring. I definitely see the comprehension of Spanish in my children, even with just weekly exposure. Gracias!

Kristie is absolutely amazing. My son Myles looks forward to going to Spanish class every week. He repeats everything he learns in class at home. He has retained all of the words, and songs as we continue to practice them at home. Kristie uses audio, visual, and kinesthetic throughout every class, and gives out a card to practice at home after each class. The kids are actively engaged and having fun while learning. Her bright personality and love for language and learning is apparent in her teaching. My son is especially drawn to Kristie and talks about her all the time in our house. I highly recommend Kristie and On Point Español. Thank you for creating these classes!!!!

Kristie’s Spanish class is great! My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves it. She loves comparing what she learned with what her 13 year old sister does at school in Spanish. Kristie always has a fun activity or craft to keep the kids excited and involved. Try the class you will love it!