On Point Español has caregiver and child Spanish classes. These classes are 45 mintues long and the session is 6 weeks. Fee is $85, siblings under 9 months are free and 9 months or older are $75.

Bebés class is for child up to 18 months with a caregiver.

Our Bebés class is one of our parent child Spanish classes. This class is designed for children up to 18 months of age with caregiver. Caregiver and child will come to a 45 minute Spanish class once a week for a 6 weeks session. The session will cover a set theme and build each week on new vocabulary, songs, activities, etc (for example if covering "the body" a new body part is covered in detail each week with continuing activities to reinforce other vocabulary covered.) We strive to connect your child not only to the Spanish language but the culture also through song, group activities, and verbal/nonverbal communication. We use many different props which helps children retain concepts and interact with class! We introduce fine motor skills, color recognition, assist with learning sharing and taking turns, and so much more!

Niños class is for children up to 5 years of age with a caregiver.

Another one of our parent child Spanish classes is our Niños class. This class is for children up to age 5 years and caregiver. The class is 45 minutes once a week and over the course of 6 weeks. Each session will cover a different theme, but we build on previous knowledge that will be reinforcing for those continuing and not confusing for those new to the class. We use fine motor activities, movement games, and more to help children learn the Spanish language.  We strive to connect children to the Spanish language along with the culture  through stories, songs, activities, games, oral dialog with instructor, and more!